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About The Green Bowl

We, at the Green Bowl Cafe, truly care that the food we create is not only good for you but that it taste just as good too. 

Eating fresh foods can not only help our bodies internally, it can also help us feel better mentally and physically. 

Our name was created with the thought that not only our foods should be green, but also our take out containers. We truly enjoy serving our customers and much joy comes from knowing that we aren't contributing to the out-of-control plastic pollution problem, and that we offer clean, yet delicious food options for everyone.

We appreciate our customers and hope you truly enjoy every experience you have with us. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions, foods you would like to see at our cafe, and any other comments you may have.

Our Story

Many of you know me, Yami, as the owner of The Green Bowl. We started this idea after my 11 year old sister, Yumelit, passed away from brain cancer, I began to research how our food has so much to do with cancer and many other sicknesses. Our nutrition can help us fight illnesses and so I forced my family to switch our eating habits, cooking our cultural foods with organic options, making homemade sazon, sofrito and everything else we could source organically and make on our own.


Hispanic food doesn't need to be unhealthy and full of fat, and we hope you find our food as delicious, if not more than, other options. Organically, non-GMO sourced produce, foods, and clean meats really make an amazing difference in our health and even in taste. 

The Green Bowl will be bringing our homemade sauces, aiolis, and mojito line to our site soon. We hope you enjoy your experience with us :). 

In Loving Memory of Yumelit 

We offer MANY gluten-free options and most of our hispanic food is gluten free including the empanadas, arepas, rice bowls and patacones. 

Gluten-Free Options 

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